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Boroughs Collaborative

The Lancaster County Boroughs Collaborative is a ground-level approach to working with the 18 Boroughs of Lancaster County on economic development initiatives to achieve measurable economic and community revitalization goals.

Local leaders have expressed ongoing interest in economic development that generates tax revenue, addresses barriers to redevelopment, and improves vitality in key areas.  The Boroughs Collaborative was created as a way to engage with the Boroughs and bring value to their pursuit of economic development. Key components of the initiative include expanding outreach and connections at the local level, creating value through facilitating and participating in projects, and developing ways to work more collectively at a more macro level.

Making Connections & Generating/Sharing Information

  • Sends out a bi-monthly Boroughs Economic Development Newsletters
  • Regional Meetings were hosted in May 2016 to discuss common economic development opportunities and challenges within the Boroughs
  • Facilitates continued dialogue between boroughs, EDC and other partner organizations

Building Capacity to Address Opportunities & Challenges

  • Fosters collaboration between boroughs and with partner organizations and private businesses
  • Pilot Conceptual Development Program

Developing Economic Development Education Programming for Borough Leaders

  • Pilot Economic Development Planning Event
  • 2017 Boroughs Economic Development 3-Part Education Series

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Boroughs Updates

BRC-11 – Wenger Feed Mill Update EDC led the Conceptual Development Program in Ephrata with the help and leadership of Rick Jackson, from ELA Group, a team of volunteers, and a dedicated group of local leaders. You can learn more [...]

Ephrata Review – SWOT team descends on Wenger Mill, discovers reasons for optimism

Article featured in the Ephrata Review on July 26, 2017. “Ephrata people say, ‘We want to be like Lititz’. Well, yeah. But I want to be like Ephrata,” Rick Jackson told a group of about [...]

Final Report Released: Conceptual Development Program – Wenger Feed Mill Project

The Conceptual Development Program Final Report for the former Wenger Feed Mill has been released. The report explains the background, process, and preliminary outcomes from the two-day immersive program, during which a team of volunteers evaluated the [...]

Parking in Support of Economic Development with Larry Cohen

Larry Cohen, Executive Director of the Lancaster Parking Authority presented to borough and local leaders during EDC's first installment of its 3-part education series through the Boroughs Collaborative. In his presentation, titled Parking in Support [...]

Boroughs Economic Development Education Series – Part I